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I created the #honeyStoriesChallenge in 2021 as a way to encourage people & small business owners to get their face on their stories & engage with their customers and followers. I attribute a lot of my success to this because it's enabled me to develop real, genuine relationships with those that follow me. They know my face, they know my voice, they know parts of my life that I choose to share. This builds trust, and - simply put - people want to buy from people they trust. 

This was not intended to be an annual thing, however this year will be our 3rd year in a row! We don't have exact dates, but it's typically around June/July and anyone can partake. I like to use it as a nice refresher & a chance to introduce myself to my followers once again. You can definitely do this challenge whenever - feel free to use the prompts whenever you feel stuck for what to talk about!

I developed a list of prompts that can be completed over the span of 5 days, so you can reduce your stress and take out the guess-work of "what should I talk about?!"


If this is your first time doing a face to camera story:

- set aside at least 20 mins (even a 1 minute story can take a while )

- turn off any background noise

- write a list of dot points you want to cover

- find a spot with nice lighting & go for it!


bonus points if you avoid saying anything negative about yourself - including 'excusing anything about your appearance (excuse my hair, excuse my no make up face, etc")


you don't have to speak for long, it's just about giving it a go & introducing yourself to your followers - this can be so valuable for brands to help your clients get to know the face behind the biz

Don't forget to tag me in your stories @honeymedia to keep yourself accountable & hashtag #honeystorieschallenge

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