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Inspired by worried posts of fellow small business owners around tax time, I decided to put together 'Honey Money' to help others not dread the end of financial year. Thanks to the money workflows & processes I have in place, paying my tax bill is a breeze, and I actually end up paying myself a large bonus at EOFY (and my accountant loves how organised I am hehe) 


What is it?

'Honey Money' is an insight into the inner workings of my business finances as a small business owner. See how much I pay myself, how much I pay to super, how I pay my tax bill, my income workflow, how I structure my bank accounts, my payment processes, how I run my business at a profit, AND how I pay myself a bonus at tax time!

What is it not?

Honey Money is NOT a financial guide, and does not include financial advice of any sort. All info is based on my own business & what personally works for me.


What does it include?

A digital e-book & 4 of my personally formulated spreadsheets that I swear by to: manage my incomings & outgoings, pay myself & a cheat sheet to ensure I'm charging enough to make a profit!

How much is it?


How can I get it?

email with the subject 'HONEY MONEY'

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